Sufjan! Mariah! Santa! Big Music Premieres That You Can Listen To Right Now

Oh Mariah!

Click the pic above for the premiere of Mariah Carey’s new Christmas song ’Oh Santa!’ Dying. Every second of this song is the glorious, overproduced decadent seasonal jam that I wanted it to be. I need to hear it in a Working Title film asap. Preferably over a montage of someone running through snow.

The song is basically Katy Perry’s ’Peacock.’ Except she keeps repeating ’ho’ instead of ’cock.’ Looks like nobody’s getting any subtlety in their stocking this year!! But if I get this album I will not not not be upset. ho ho ho.

Speaking of not being upset, you can listen to all of Sufjan Stevens’ new album ’The Age of Adz’ over at NPR right now. The first song starts off in pretty familiar territory, but then these Little Mermaid soundtrack bubbles come in on track two, and the rest of the album is this epic, disjointed really interesting/compelling mess. Halfway through the 25 MINUTE last track ’Impossible Soul’ this melody comes in where all these people are singing ’It’s not so impossible’ and Sufjan keeps saying ’Boy, we could do much more together.’ It’s my favorite part of the CD and also, umm call me, Sufjan because I totally agree.