Sundance Film Festival 2013: 5 LGBT Movies To Check Out

It’s time again for Sundance, and though you may have heard that the Lindsay Lohan vehicle The Canyons didn’t make it into the festival this year, that’s no reason to despair. There are still lots of interesting, intense, personal, tragic and hilarious films to check out. Here’s a start, with five LGBT films to see at Sundance.

The Battle of amfAR 

This short explores what happened when Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim teamed up to create America’s first AIDS research foundation. It’ s probably not the most glamorous movie featuring Elizabeth Taylor, but it may be the most inspirational.

Interior. Leather Bar.

This feature from James Franco reimagines the lost 40 sexually explicit minutes of the controversial 1980 film Cruising, about Al Pacino as an undercover cop in the New York leather bar scene. The film looks like a thoughtful, complex, meta treat, and it’s from James Franco so how far wrong can you go?


This feature follows a married, lesbian housewife in her forties named Abby. After getting hit in the head by her son’s baseball, she begins to grow dissatisfied with her suburban life, and her journey towards finding satisfaction brings her into the world of female prostitution. Not exactly a popcorn movie, but sure to be moving and thought provoking.

Kill Your Darlings

This drama follows the early life of poet Allen Ginsberg as a student at Columbia University, where he first has his sexual awakening and met the likes of William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Daniel Radcliffe plays Ginsberg – isn’t beat poetry just another kind of magic spell?

Fall To Grace

This documentary short follows New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey. After resigning from office and declaring himself “a gay American,” he began working as a spiritual advisor to women in prison. Seems pretty interesting, and at 48 minutes, it’s not too big a commitment.

Check back here all week for exclusive interviews from the Festival. Also, see who else stopped by Sundance Channel out at the Festival. And while you’re there make sure to check out their new, original series TOP OF THE LAKE starring Elizabeth Moss and Holly Hunter.

Sundance Film Festival 2013: 5 Films To Keep An Eye On