Chris Culliver, Awful Homophobe, Loses Super Bowl

Loser. Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens emerged victorious tonight in Super Bowl XLVII, defeating the San Francisco 49ers 34 – 31. And while both teams played an amazing game, and we love us some 49ers, nothing makes us happier than knowing that happy and proud homophobe Chris Culliver lost tonight.

Mr. Culliver who, as a refresher, told reporters he would not play on a team with a gay man.

Maybe next time Chris will spend more time studying game tape so he can figure out a way to stop the Ravens offense, and less time telling people how little he cares for homosexuals and does not want them around him.

After all, Chris’ heterosexual self did little to stop those boys in purple tonight. Four tackles? Not much to write home about ┬ápal.

Honestly, it seems like even one of those gross gay people could accomplish that Chrissy.

Should San Francisco Let Homophobe Chris Culliver Play in the Super Bowl?