Super Wendy Answers 10 Questions About Puerto Vallarta

Need suggestions on what to do on your trip? Super Wendy to the rescue.

Although we don’t know for sure that she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, we do know that Super Wendy does put on one heck of a comedy show every night at La Noche in Puerto Vallarta.

What she may lack in authenticity as she channels her pop divas on stage, she makes up for with enthusiasm and humor. And, because she’s having a good time, you will too. In fact, we’re willing to bet that Super Wendy—with her one-two punch of over-the-top, old-school drag and cadre of sexy gogo sidekicks—turns out to be every bit the hero you needed.

Who better to ask for advice on what to do when visiting her hometown?

1. Describe Puerto Vallarta in just three words.
“Beautiful, friendly, and awesome.”

2. What is the one thing every visitor to PV should see or experience at least once?
“A boat ride to the hidden beach at Isla Marietas, also known as the beach of love.”

3. Best place to go if you want to do something outdoors?
“There are a few hikes you can do, or even take the water taxi to Yelapa and go to the waterfalls.”

4. Best place to buy a souvenir?
“The flea market by the river island.”

Photo by ColleenB_Pics/Getty Images

5. Best place to go for a wild night out?
“You would obviously have to start at La Noche for my fabulous comedy show and gogo dancers after, then you can move to Mr. Flamingo, Paco’s Ranch, or CC Slaughters, all within a few steps from each other.”

6. What is a favorite spot only locals know about?
“Palo Maria river has a beautiful trail that takes you to a series of amazing waterfalls. It’s the latest trend among locals.”

7. Your favorite dish to eat out?
“My recommendation is the Mexican plate at Café de Olla, an authentic Mexican restaurant. It has a little bit of everything to try and share with your other half.”

8. Where is the place to meet a new “friend”?
“It can be anywhere but, I would say Paco’s Ranch, it’s the place where you can find lots of tourists or very friendly locals.”

Photo from Getty Images

9. Which is your favorite beach?
“Los Muertos Beach (photo above) has the gay beach and three gay beach clubs to choose from, either the Blue Chairs, Ritmos (also known as ’green chairs’) and Mantamar, with a pool.”

10. One piece of advice for someone visiting the first time?
“Enjoy, have fun, meet the locals, walk around old town and you’ll see how you fall in love with this magical town.”

Bryan van Gorder usually writes about the places he's been or the famous people forced to talk to him.