Who Is The Hottest Superman? Our Top 5

Matt Bomer giving us all some Clark Kent realness. Photo Credit: Getty Images

It’s a bird, it’s a plane- it’s Matt Bomer strapping on some a Superman suit!

Well, kind of. Everyone’s favorite White Collar baller is giving voice to the Man of Steel in a new animated movie hitting DVD/Blu-Ray shelves this spring. While we’re pretty upset we won’t get to see Bomer break out the spandex, we’ve found four former (and one future) Supermen to dream about instead.

1. Henry Cavill

Oh, hi Henry Cavill. Yes, we’ve loved you since The Tudors and probably since the day you were born. We are very excited for your new dramatic biopic coming out this year. Feel free to save us from a burning building any time you want. Or just show up in some spandex. We’re flexible like that.

2. Dean Cain

This former Man of Steel is now making a living playing husbands in made-for-tv movies, but before that he was the first guy to give Superman a sense of humor in the much-loathed/loved series Lois & Clark. Also, floppy hair is our kryptonite. Just ask this next hero…

3. Tom Welling

Pretty sure he’s the walking/talking/flying version of the Jaws of Life. Thank you for showing us what Clark Kent was like when he was just a simple alien teen in the Midwest.

4. Brandon Routh

This movie was legitimately terrible. Kate Bosworth’s eyes couldn’t even save it. But Brandon’s a former model and photographs can’t talk yet (at least not this jpeg) so shhh- don’t speak just feel.

5. Christopher Reeve

The man is a national treasure and he cuts a fine form in that damn uniform. Not to mention he could probably out-act any other man on this list and the fact that he was an absolutely mesmerizing human being. So you know, NO PRESSURE future Supermen!

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