“Supernatural” Recap 9.05: “Dog Dean Afternoon”

Supernatural recap Dog Dean Afternoon

In a world full of Hollywood reboots of movies that should have never been released in the first place, last night’s episode of Supernatural had a bit of that feeling going on. It was a reboot of a familiar concept and a proper filler episode before we get to more of the good stuff next week.

I’m all right with that! Any time we have an episode that harkens back to what the show used to be in the earlier seasons, just Sam and Dean and the family business, I get a little grin on my face and reach for the popcorn.

That’s not to say there was no plot development this week at all. We touched on the “Sam is possessed by an angel” button quite a bit, Dean’s attempts to keep it from Sam, and his fear that Zeke will be in his little brother so long that Sam will start to lose who he is somewhere in there. Of course, this was mirrored by the case of the week, a-la Grey’s Anatomy.

So here are just a few of the little things this week that made me chuckle, take pause, or turn to my imaginary friend and say, “Did you see that?!”

1. Big laptop… even bigger owner

Told you it was the little things that I noticed! Anyway, in their motel room of the week (which should be an official rate code on travel websites, as far as I’m concerned), Sam (a.k.a. Dean’s geek boy) is doing the research on possible murder suspects on his trusty MacBook Pro laptop, then grabs it in one hand and turns it around to show what he’s found to Dean. My imaginary friend and I immediately noticed just how compact a pretty large laptop looked in Sam’s big hands and we couldn’t stop talking about it all throughout the commercial break.


It was like that time Becky she who shall not be named had Sam under her spell and he wiped something from her face and we all noticed his hand was bigger than her whole face. Remember that? Ah good times.


You know what they say about a man with large hands…

2. Dr. DoAsLittleAsPossible

That’s the familiar concept I’m talking about… Dr. Doolittle, but one of the main reasons I enjoyed it as much as I did was thanks to one Mr. Jensen Ackles. We applaud him often for his dramatic chops, and let’s face it, no one can do a solitary manly tear like Jensen does, but the guy has serious comedic timing as well and Dean lends himself to that very well, as the show’s wanna-be-straight-man.


Everything from his interaction with the mailman to the altercation with the dick pigeon was spot on, and I love animals as much as the next guy but when he pulled out his gun and nearly shot the bird (literally), I cheered him on. My car and I have felt this pain. Daily.

And then there’s of course, this…


3. And they called it puppy love

Two words: gay Shih Tzu. Wait… is that three words? Never mind. Either way, one of my favorite scenes in the episode, and certainly the one I got the most kick out of was the scene at the pound where Dean is trying to get information about this week’s big baddie and they run across an adorable Shih Tzu with a southern accent and he’s willing to talk… for a price.


If that voice sounded familiar, think out and proud Leslie Jordan. Turns out all Mr. Jordan the Shih Tzu wants is a belly rub from “the tall drink” (Sam), and really, who among us can blame him. Sure enough though, Sam complies, like that time Dean pimped him out to the sophisticated young lady in the episode “Red Sky at Morning.”


Needless to say Sam gave Leslie the best belly rub he’d ever had.

4. The lick that never was

Now, my Destiel loving brothers and sisters, turn away for just a moment because last but not least, and my favorite part of the episode, was the lick that never was.

When Sam was knocked out unconscious and Dean’s mind was formulating all kinds of worst-case scenarios, these actual words came out of his mouth: “Come on! Don’t make me lick your damn face!” And by golly, that is all I wanted him to do. Damn you Writer Dronestm for not acquiescing my request!


And with that, I leave you until next week, my babies, when we will check in with Castiel (yay!), his newly found humanity, and the horde of angels hell-bent (can you say that about angels?) on his demise. One angel in particular is played by the very handsome Ashton Holmes, whom we know as the maybe bi-curious but definitely psychotic Tyler from Revenge so I’m all in.

What did you all think about “Dog Dean Afternoon?” Was it the cat’s meow or was it just chasing its own tail? Sound off in the comments! I can’t wait to hear what you thought!


Note: A big thanks to my extended family here at The Backlot for covering for me last week when life got in the way. Rest assured, though, I missed y’all dearly!