Last Night’s “Supernatural”: “Eres Un Chico Malo”


For the first time in a while, I am practically speechless. I said practically because, let’s face it, if I could keep my mouth shut, none of us would be here.

Last night’s episode of Supernatural was ridiculous and silly and it brought out the chuckles (unintentional or otherwise) all the way throughout. It also made me think I need to get a new sweater set, but that’s beside the point. There was a lot to love in an episode that featured purity pledges, hypocrisy, and a reformed porn star that had managed to pray the porn away. I, like a certain Winchester brother, have no idea why you’d want to do such a thing.


Changing it up a bit, I’m going to start with my absolute favorite part of the episode, rather than leave it for last – and if you know me, you already know what scene I’m talking about…

1 – The sheriff speaks the truth!

While the eldest Winchester is off “working” the case, Sheriff Mills (so happy to see her again… J’adore) and Sam hang back at the motel doing the actual dirty work, the research, and of course it leads to some talking and some feeling sharing. She shares that after Bobby (and Crowley), she sought out church and it has been a comfort to her – something that made sense. Sam agrees, conceding that we’re all looking for that in our lives. Now here’s the real kicker, in other words (fandom translation): the moment they kicked me right in the feels… Jody agrees and adds, “Except those who’ve got it.”


Sometimes all it takes is a little outside perspective. Side note: he’s always scratching his beard and I’d love nothing more than to do it for him.

2 – “Eres un chico malo.”

This whole subplot with the reformed porn star was just ridiculous enough to be funny. Let’s call a spade a spade, people… if Dean didn’t look the way he did, he wouldn’t have gotten to cross “Carmelita” off of his bucket list, because there’s not a single thing he said to her that would have worked on me. (That’s not true… I could listen to him read soda pop ingredients to me in that voice and I’d melt like butter).

tumblr_mwwkf5oqe01qjakk2o4_250 tumblr_mwwkf5oqe01qjakk2o1_250(source)

Unfortunately, no one took any clothing off and all we got to see was some Disney Channel level lip-locking so this whole thing goes on my list because Dean spoke Spanish and got to cross something off his bucket list. I have a bucket list too… except its spelled differently… there’s an F in there somewhere… and Dean is on it… but I digress.

And last but not least…

3 – Jody Mills is a badass!

Like I said, I love this woman! At this point in the game, she’s been dragged in and out of so many situations, she should be looking for ways to get herself on Virgin Galactic’s first flight to outer space, but instead, here she is calling the boys about a case! Granted, that case ended up requiring Dean and Sam to reacquire their “V-cards” just in time for Dean to get punished for “misplacing” his again but it’s the thought that counts!


And let’s not forget, our girl was stabbed in the chest, quite literally, and still managed to save Sam’s sizeable ass. *dreamy sigh* Our hero!

Some other tidbits that are worth mentioning:

– Dean’s description of sex in the purity meeting… priceless. Very not 50 Shades…
– The fact that Sam knew “Carmelita” was on Dean’s bucket list
– Jody punching Tammy in the face to get some of her blood
Ezekiel’s quick pop in to prevent Dean from telling Sam the truth
– Another brothers on the case episode! Yipee!
– Sam is all stitched up on the inside and shouldn’t even be alive.
-Every single time Dean called his brother “Sammy” in the company of other adults


Favorite line of the night goes to “Carmelita:”

“Yeah, what am I supposed to say? ’Oh yeah, hi, I used to be a porn star. Let’s pray.'”

Next week: the mid-season finale and it promises to be a good one. Previews can be misleading, but it looks like Ezekiel hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about his union with Sam and I’m sure it’ll have consequences. Cue a very angry Dean and a very confused Castiel to the rescue!

Until next week, let’s talk in the comments!