Last Night’s “Supernatural”: “Sam Don’t Live Here Anymore”

Supernatural recap

Had I known that last night’s episode of Supernatural was going to pull a Bobby on us (remember the mid-season finale last year?) again, I would have called in sick to the day job, stayed home, live-blogged with you all, and ugly-cried to myself about why bad things happen to good people. Alas, The CW tells me nothing in advance (the show’s stars are happily married so there goes my plan B) so here we are.


We start off the episode with a murderous church glee club (New Directions, they are not) laying the smack down on a biker gang and as it turns out, both sides are angels, serving a master. The biker dudes follow Malachi and the Glee ladies are followers of Bart , whom we met earlier in the season and whom I wouldn’t mind praying to… just saying. The goal of the game there is a simple one: he who amasses the most followers wins and gets to rule heaven. How exactly they’re getting back to heaven is the part they haven’t quite figured out yet because of course, there’s the little detail of Metatron having kicked them all out permanently. This is Supernatural though… nothing is permanent.

Naturally the case attracts our boys and their family business motto and off they are but the peace doesn’t last long when they find that Castiel, posing as an FBI agent himself, is on the case already, which doesn’t sit will with the little voice inside Sam’s head, Ezekiel. He’s still singing that song about Castiel being a beacon that will bring all the angels upon them but the difference is that now it’s getting harder for Dean to believe him that is all that’s going on – and with good reason!


After we Ezekiel runs into Metatron in a dark alley outside a bar, Metatron clues us in on a little secret: that’s not Ezekiel! It’s Gadreel, the angel assigned to watch over the Garden of Eden (and we all know how well that went), and he has been imprisoned for ages due to his failure. Well, that changes things a bit, doesn’t it? There’s no time to let it all sink in though because Metatron has an offer for Eze…Gadreel. Join him and rule heaven by his side and all your past mistakes will be erased.

Meanwhile, Dean has sent Castiel away again due to “Zeke’s” discomfort and Castiel finds himself on his knees in a motel room [insert unnecessarily long pause here] praying to any angel who’ll hear. Muriel answers and he learns from her about the different factions of angels and the war raging on and then Malachi’s people promptly capture them. They were tracking Muriel but Castiel is the bonus of all Christmas bonuses!


If Cas being captured and tortured teaches us anything, besides the fact that this show really really likes their blood porn, is that Malachi has a big mouth and his men aren’t as loyal as he thought. It’s through the dissension of one of Malachi’s men that Cas manages to break free (feigning he has an alliance with Metatron) and he has now learned from Malachi himself that Ezekiel died in the fall. Uh oh. This is information Dean doesn’t have. Well, another thing that came out of it was Cas getting his grace back (technically, someone else’s grace, by way of killing them, but really, that’s splitting hairs… point is, he’s an angel again).

As if that weren’t enough, poor Kevin, or as Dean calls him: Cinderella, is still slaving away on those tablets he can’t decipher when Dean gets the call from Cas… the one telling him what has transpired and that Ezekiel is not inside his little brother, like he thought. Immediately Dean springs into action and asks Kevin, hypothetically speaking, to come up with a way for him to speak to the human vessel of an angel without the angel possessing the human being able to overhear the conversation. He wants to speak to Sam confess the truth he’s been hiding all along about having tricked him into being “touched by an angel” and hopefully get Sam to expel the angel before he can do any damage.

All this time, though, Metatron has been doing his best to woo Gadreel to his side and seems to have worked. Gadreel has decided to take the deal. To seal that deal, Metatron needs proof of his allegiance… they have enemies that need to be eliminated, so he hands a piece of paper to Gadreel with the name of the person he’d like for Gadreel to kill.


Back in the Men of Letters bunker, Kevin comes through, of course, like he always does, and Dean gets Sam alone in the storage room with the sigil they’d drawn for this very purpose of pressing “mute” on “Zeke.” Kevin is still blissfully unaware outside since Dean didn’t tell him why he was doing any of this or that it even involved Sam while Dean makes his case with a very angry Sam. Sam’s disappointed that Dean has yet again taken away his choices for him but Dean insists he couldn’t deal with Sam being dead, and either way, they could discuss this later… after they’ve gotten rid of the impostor angel. Having none of it, Sam punches Dean and walks out of the room but by the time he rounds the corner to find Kevin, we can tell it’s not Sam. It’s Gadreel in full control, and poor sweet Kevin barely has time to acknowledge that Dean has been acting weird when Gadreel lays his hands on him and kills him, eyes burned and all.


Dean didn’t get there in time to stop him and even if he had, Gadreel’s got him immobilized so he could do nothing but watch his friend die… a friend that has already given up so much for this fight… a friend who just moments earlier had uttered the words, “I always trust you,” to Dean… a friend who had become family.


Dean calls out to Sam but the body of his brother but Gadreel is the one to reply, “There is no more Sam,” and just like that, he turns and leaves, tablets in hand. Dean falls to the floor, Kevin’s body a few feet from him, and tears roll down his face as he utters Kevin’s name once… twice… and then no more.


And that, ladies and gents, was our mid-season finale. It was a heck of a ride, with true identities being revealed and a death toll that could only be called a massacre. Kevin is gone. We don’t know how far gone Sam is with Gadreel running the show now. Castiel is an angel again. Metatron is back and up to no good… and of course, now we have to wait a month before we get to see any of these people again! Winter hell-atus indeed!

Until then, a moment of silence for our beloved Kevin. Tell Mama Tran that we miss her… and of course, we miss you too already.