Last Night’s “Supernatural:” “Guilt Is A Four Letter Word”


A few things surprised me about last night’s Supernatural, not the least of which was the train of feels it brought with it. It’s easy to forget these days that some of the writers on this show aren’t completely brain dead. (My apologies to the brain dead community. This episode was a perfect example of just how not brain-dead they can be sometimes.

If you recall, last time we saw the Winchesters, they weren’t exactly in a good place. One of them had just killed Kevin, their prophet friend, while under the influence of less than angelic forces and the other was powerless to stop him, having realized too late that they weren’t in Kansas anymore and that wasn’t his brother behind the wheel (how’s that for mixing metaphors, song lyrics, and movie lines?).

This episode picked up not long after, with Dean deep in the throes of grief while sad 80’s music plays in the background. If you’ve ever seen the show, you know guilt is about the only emotion Dean knows, so now that he feels responsible for Kevin’s death, that’s the one on full display… and it will lead him to bad decisions, but we’ll get to that later.

Meanwhile Sam’s body is still Gadreel’s puppet while he goes down the hit list for Metatron trying to prove his worth and loyalty to him. Apparently getting rid of a Justin Bieber-esque douchenozzle from public consciousness is as important to Metatron as it is to the rest of us so Sam Gadreel does just that because it turns out that was just the vessel his former torturer was using.


Back at the bunker, it takes a visit from Castiel to remind Dean of the things he already knows, like that he had the best of intentions for doing what he did, allowing an angel to posses his little brother, and that if Sam knew he was being possessed, he would be strong enough to kick the angel out. That’s where things get a bit tricky though… who do they know that has successfully tapped into the brain of an angel and exposed very well hidden information before? That’s right, the King of Sass, Crowley.

Crowley agrees to help them, for the privilege of taking a field trip but not without digging the knife a bit deeper into Dean (do with that statement what you will) and telling him he had advised Kevin to run far far away from Dean because Dean was dangerous to anyone around him. Great, thanks – because the guy’s not already thinking that himself. Anyway, a dysfunctional road trip to save Sam is born with Dean, Castiel, and Crowley in a hydraulics-enhanced vehicle Cas had acquired… and that sentence doesn’t even need a punch line!

Here comes the very first pleasant surprise of the episode, though! Gadreel’s original vessel, that guy played by the sinfully delicious Tahmoh Penikett, is tending bar at the shady place where Sam’s Gadreel and Metatron have their strategy meetings. Of course, this can only mean one thing, but if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you be surprised later on in the recap.


The Three Stooges get pointed in the direction that Dean’s phallus on wheels is headed thanks to one of Crowley’s contacts and they’re off to find the wizard! (I’m telling you, my brain is all over the place today!) By the way, Crowley’s friend thought Castiel was hot again now that he’s borrowing someone else’s grace and Crowley practically agreed (in my head)!

They’d better get there fast because Gadreel’s just been set on his next target and he soon discovers Metatron has sent him to kill his old friend, Abner, the same Abner Gadreel would be please to learn that he killed their torturer – but his friend is not. It seems Abner has changed and he tries to impart some of his new-found wisdom on Gadreel. He has found a family to call his own… blah blah blah… the things that matter in life are… blah blah blah. Moral of the story: Gaddy is not having it even if Abner’s beard is the kind you want to rub your face against. Is that just me?


Dean and his merry men get there just a bit too late, because Gaddy has killed Beardo and he’s feeling pretty self-satisfied. He underestimates the power of a scrawny angel’s sucker punch though and soon finds himself tied up and with Crowley’s very own version of acupuncture needles poking his head. Literally. Unbeknownst to all of them though, Abaddon is right on their tail. She’s looking for the King of Hell to settle a score once and for all and she’s left some carnage in the way, like Castiel’s number one fan and Crowley’s NSA friend.

Through some poking and prodding, the boy’s finally learn Gadreel’s real name and Dean and Cas bond over both being played. They’re not getting far enough though… they can’t seem to break through to Gadreel to get to Sam so it’s time for plan B. Cas needs to posses Sam and help him kick Gaddy out. The only problem is that he can’t without Sam’s consent. So it’s time for plan C, Cas gets rid of Sam’s possession tattoo (Nooooooo! That’s everyone’s favorite spot to lick on him! Again, is that just me?) and Crowley jumps into Sam’s head to help him kick Gaddy out. Apparently in Sam’s head, he and Dean are working on a case involving cheerleaders and Dean is off somewhere else in the bunker getting a beer. Typical date night, you know. Crowley convinces Sam to kick Gaddy out and, as much as it kills me to see Tahmoh physically hurt in any way, I’m glad he does. Expelled from Sam’s body once and for all, he returns to his old vessel, ready to flirt with Dean some more (wishful thinking, I know since Dean is intent on killing Gaddy now) and Crowley leaves Sam’s body too. Sloppy seconds were never his thing. (Who’s sloppy seconds is Sam exactly?)

Not a minute too soon though because Abaddon has arrived and right after Dean, Cas, and Sam make their exit, leaving Crowley to deal with the new wannabe Queen of Hell. It looks like a political fight is brewing there and the demons are going to have to choose sides: Crowley or Abaddon. I know whom I’d pick.


And then we come to the emotional climax of the episode. Dean and Sam and Castiel on a dock where it boils down to two very important points: “I was ready to die, Dean.” We know, Sam. “But I wouldn’t let you. Because that’s not in me.” We know Dean.

A guilt-ridden Dean calls himself poison and blames himself for Kevin’s death, choosing to walk away from Sam for his own good. He’s convinced everyone he loves, he gets killed and he’s not worth it. He’s off to kill Gadreel. Sam doesn’t stop him but he does leave him with this, “Go. I’m not going to stop you. But don’t go thinking that’s the problem because it’s not.”

Dean asks what he means but Sam doesn’t clarify, and there’s where we leave things… Sam and Castiel watching as Dean drives his phallus away.


Next week: Sam gets his tattoo redone while Dean holds his hand. Okay not really.

What’d you think, y’all? This was a heavy one, full of angst and I didn’t touch upon all of it in the recap because I can’t wait to discuss it with you in the comments. So come on… let’s hear it! Welcome back Supernatural!