Last Night’s “Supernatural:” “Dean Can’t Sit With Us, Cas!”

Break ups are hard – even temporary break ups when you know and all your friends are telling you that you’re going to end up back together. They still suck when you’re going through them. Trust me, I would know. That’s what’s happening on Supernatural! Sam is miffed that Dean lied to him and that this lie leads to terrible things and now he feels responsible for Kevin’s death. And Dean feels guilty because clearly, he is to blame for everything that is wrong with the wrong with the world, and I’m including that whole “The Bachelor” show thingie I keep hearing about.


Sam is being a big baby. And so is Dean, for that matter.

Sorry but it had to be said! How many times have we been down this road where one of them does something the other disapproves of with the best intentions at heart because they can’t bear to think of something happening to the other and then the other finds out and gets angry for being lied to and/or or not having been trusted and they “break up” never to be together in the same room again… until two episodes later?

The answer is often. At least once a season. It’s a recurring theme and one you would think these guys would have gotten a handle on by now but apparently there’s no teaching a Winchester new tricks. They got that from their daddy. Speaking of John Winchester


We referenced John Winchester and not because of what a bad father he was.

The whole episode was colored of John because as it turns out, Crowley needed Dean to find references to the “First Blade” and it’s possible whereabouts in John’s journal. Seems like John and a friend once ran across a demon who mentioned it but then they killed the demon because they didn’t believe what he was saying… but then they chose to search for the blade anyway just in case it was real… but not before they had a “nice weekend” together. I swear, I’m not making any of this up.

Anyway, John’s journal leads them to one of John’s storage lockers (who’s still paying for this storage?) that then in turn leads them to John’s friend, Tara. It also gave Crowley a chance to deliver the best line of the night: “I’ve been inside your brother. We’re practically family.” Dean’s not amused. Anyway, y’all know Tara right? No, not Bon Temps Tara. The chick with the bad knee? Yes, her! She’s not exactly thrilled at the idea of helping the King of Hell but Dean’s pretty so she points them in the right direction.


Crowley reminds us he’s still a conniving demon and we love it.

After all that song and dance that Dean and Crowley go through to get their hands on the blade that can kill Abaddon once and for all (I’d keep her alive if only for her one-liners), Dean figures out Crowley hasn’t exactly been a bystander this whole time. Looks like he orchestrated the whole thing from beginning to finish because he already knew they were being followed and where it was going to lead them and how it was going to play out. He just had to make sure he moved the pieces to the right places at the right time to get his way. Dean doesn’t like to be manipulated so he punches Crowley and threatens his existence… again. And off goes Crowley, to search for the First Blade at the bottom of the ocean [cue The Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea”] and we’re left with little smirks on our faces because Crowley’s still got it… you sneaky demon, you!


“Do What You Want With My Body:” the angel and Winchester edition

It’s not often that we get some serious Castiel and Sam bonding time but this episode we got plenty of it and Castiel was very wise for someone who was only human for a third of a season or so. He says things to Sam like, “You and Dean chose each other,” and, “You know, Sam, we could use all the help we can get to find Gadreel and Metatron.” But of course, Sam is having none of it because he doesn’t want to see Dean ever again! Or least until Dean’s life is in danger so then he can step in and do something stupid – along the lines of what Dean did for him – and we can start this game all over again.

Anyway, Castiel manages to fully heal Sam and extract some of Gadreel’s grace to try to cast a spell and locate him but even after a less than pleasant experience, it’s not enough and they’ll need to try another way. Without Dean. Because!

Side note: is there any reason why Castiel, after years and years of being around the Winchesters, and having spent some time himself as a human, still has a problem with basic human concepts?


The mark

So it turns out the First Blade belonged to Cain, as in Cain who murdered his brother Abel Cain, and that’s exactly where Dean and Crowley went to get it. Except, they hadn’t gotten the whole story from the bible. You see, Cain had discovered that Abel was about to become Satan’s puppet and rather than seeing his brother corrupted like that, he made a deal with Lucifer… his own soul in hell for his brother’s in heaven. Lucifer accepted but Cain had to be the one to send Abel to heaven, and that’s where Cain committing murder came from. At least in the gospel of Supernatural anyway.

This is all fine and dandy but here’s what sticks in my craw. After Cain agrees to tell Dean where the blade is and transfer his mark (“The Mark of Cain”) to Dean, he tells him that it comes with a great burden. Dean just kind of waves it off and doesn’t pay it any mind but this would be the point where the record stops spinning and I would go, “What burden? I need specifics.” I mean, come on, Dean-o! This is the mark of the man who had to kill his brother. How could you not even think to say, “Hey wait… I’m not going to have to kill Sam, right? Because if I do, this deal’s off… Abaddon is not worth killing my little brother.”

But that didn’t happen and I was just left with my mouth hanging agape.


We’ll see how that turns out but this is Supernatural and you know it can’t be good. Until next week!