Last Night’s “Supernatural”: Searching for the First Blade

Is it possible to spend an entire episode focused on the First Blade and not really learn much of anything about it in the process? Sure! Never underestimate the power of Supernatural’s crack team of writers!

That doesn’t mean we didn’t learn some interesting, non-blade related things. Let’s discuss.

The King of Hell Has a Problem…



And I’m not just talking about the fact that he was trying to bond with Sam while Sam was trying to plot his death because he maybe sees too many parallels between himself and the demon blood and Crowley and the human blood… or maybe because he doesn’t like Dean getting chummy with him. No. I mean an actual problem with… um… “substance” abuse.

Given that Abaddon is right on his tail, picking up a debilitating addiction to human blood is probably not his smartest move, but he claims the boys are to blame because they kept him locked up and strung up while his kingdom fell apart. Me? I think he was reaching, but Dean, otherwise known as Guilt Personified, seems to have bought into this theory a little.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Crowley, but I’m not exactly in love with this side of him. I miss the old sexual-innuendo-filled-will-sleep-with-anyone-and-flirt-with-anything version. He was entertaining. This one, not so much. This one sleeps with Ruby 3.0, or whatever her name was, while she plots against him.


The Eldest Winchester Gets the Cougars Too



If history on this show has taught us anything, it is that older women have a thing for Sam Winchester. It has also taught us that Dean is all-too-willing to exploit this but that isn’t my point here. My point is – Sam got a reprieve this time!

In their search for the First Blade, Dean and Sam meet Dr. McElroy, who seems to have a one-track mind. I don’t blame her one bit. She got one look at Dean and knew exactly what she wanted. Something about that whole interaction really creeped me out, even if the actress (Laura Soltis) did a great job and looked gorgeous doing so, but I’ll give her kudos for the fact that she sold those come-ons like nobody’s business. She should also be commended for doing so in front of Dean’s long time life companion. (Make of that what you will)

“Compel? And what might that involve?”

“And you’ll get it out of me one way or another, won’t you, agent?”

“Here is my number, should you need anything else.”

Hashtag: #GetItGurl


Grandpa Winchester Was a Homo?



I may be projecting or reading more into it than was on the screen, and feel free to tell me so in the comments below, but was Magnus (also known during his Men of Letters days as Cuthbert Sinclair, played by Kavan Smith) implying that he and Henry Winchester had an illicit relationship that involved the sharing of much more than information? That’s what I was hearing!

When Dean and Sam catch up to him and kindly ask for the First Blade, he tells them about how their grandfather used to visit him in secret, because the other Men of Letters wouldn’t approve. And let’s not forget, after Magnus captured Dean as his newest collectible (don’t we all wish we could do that?), he tells Dean, “Let me teach you my secrets. Be my companion. I have to be honest with you, it has gotten lonely here over the years.” I’m with Dean on that one: creepy. It only gets worse when he casts a spell on Dean to drain him of all thought and all will and tells a dazed Dean, “I do this enough, you’ll be ready for whatever I have in mind,” while playing with Dean’s shirt. Oh, Dean-o, this was just your day.

At any rate, I think we learned something new about grandpa.


You’re My Weakness – And I Am Yours


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Moral of the story time, and stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Sam keeps Dean human.

Even Magnus realized this: “I discarded you way too quickly, Sam. You’re way more valuable than I thought you were. Why would I knock myself out trying to zap your will [Dean], when I think Sam here will get you to see things my way?”

We still have no idea what the consequences of having the Mark of Cain will be or the price Dean will have to pay for it. Hell, we don’t even know when we’ll see the First Blade again now that Crowley has it, but we know this much: when Dean has nothing to hang onto, nothing keeping him grounded, one can always count on Sam being Dean’s way back to humanity. As Dean stood with the blade in hand and its power surging through him, he slipped away for a moment, the world around him fading away, but it was Sam’s voice telling him to drop the blade that brought him back.

Dean got one look at Sam, remembered who and what he did and does everything in his life for and he let the blade go. No amount of fighting or disagreeing will ever change the fact that these two are each other’s compasses. After the crap that has been going on this season, it was great to get a reminder of that.


Other tidbits:

–       Snookie performed her lines better on Jersey Shore.

–       Abaddon’s demons scratched up Dean’s baby? Now it’s personal!

–       Dean is listed as “Not Moose” on Crowley’s phone.

–       No brother fighting this episode! Yay!

I’ll be back next week with more tales from the Impala but until then, let’s talk in the comments below! Or hit us up on Twitter, myself personally @kindaskimpy and our whole stellar team @TheBacklot