With an episode title like “Sacrifice” we expected sacrifice and we got it… just not the one we expected.

Before we dive into the heart of what was, in my often off-center opinion, easily the best episode of the season, let me take a moment to thank our wonderful Vini for filling in for me last week while family health issues kept me away (grandma is slowly recuperating – thank you all for the well wishes!). I should also probably mention, before we start, that this more of a review (or opinion piece, if you will) than an actual recap of the episode (and the season) since I figured most of us have seen it and now we want to talk about it.

So… let’s talk!


If there was ever any doubt in our minds that Supernatural can still do great story-telling and tug at the heart, last night’s finale should have been a much-needed shot in the confidence department. I’m not going to sit here and say that it washed away all the giant gaping plot holes or story inconsistencies or that whole Amelia debacle, because it didn’t, but it made it feel like it was all leading somewhere (even if at the time, it wasn’t the case).

In true Supernatural fashion, the finale saw our boys in a world-changing situation and how they reacted was not just key, but the entire point of the story.

Last we saw our heroes, Dean and Sam were all set to finish the third of the demon tablet trials (curing a demon of his/her… um… demonosity? I’m trademarking that, just in case) to close the gates of hell for good while poor naïve Castiel was following Metatron around believing he was paralleling the Winchesters by doing the angel trials to close Heaven off for good as well. He was, of course, wrong, and a lot of you called it when you said Metatron was not to be trusted. Can’t say that I blame you… he just had that look, you know?

Just like last week (only way worse), everything went awry, spectacularly so, and the boys found themselves up some kind of body of whatever without any form of navigation tool (or however that saying goes). “Trust” was the name of the game and this time, nobody won. Or so it looks like… but I’m getting ahead of myself so let me try to reign in the way I always do – with a list of the things I love (all of them!!!):


1. Jody Mills

How fantastic was it that not only did we get to see Sheriff Mills again but that we got a little glimpse into her life now. She’s trying to move on, live her life, date, and I say good for her! Of course, maybe not time don’t date the king of hell but let he who is without sin cast the first stone… which one among hasn’t had a completely demonic date? Thought so! (Bonus: we also got to see Crowley on a date and I’m not ashamed to say: I’d hit that.)

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2. The acting

No, seriously, everyone was on his or her game this episode and that’s saying a lot coming from a guy who has been complaining about certain actors phoning it in at times this season. There was none of that tonight. Not a single weak link to be had in the bunch, and special kudos to our lovable moose, Jared Padalecki, because he was the catalyst or my tears. When his Sam broke down and vocalized his pain about disappointing Dean, I lost it. Sam would rather die than let Dean down again, and Dean would rather see it all come to an end rather than lose his Sammy. Damn you, Winchesters! (Wincest shippers will be replaying that scene on a loop for years to come… rightfully so.)


3. Singer Salvage

It’s little touches like bringing the fight back to such a personal (and painful) place like Singer Salvage that make us care and rip us apart all at the same time. For a long-time fan of the show, like myself, it’s immediately recognizable and adds a gravitas to the scene when they capture Crowley without any words having to be uttered to do so. Brava, Supernatural crew. Brava!


4. Abaddon

I have a weak spot for this girl and I hope she makes a return or five to the show next season. Sure, nothing can replace our dear Meg (rest her soul… or maybe not) but Abaddon has the potential to be a worthy nemesis, a big thorn on our boys’ side, and downright entertaining! (That “The devil made me do it” shirt kills me every time.)


Ain’t that the truth, Blanche?

5. Crowley

Anytime we get the chance to learn something new about a character we thought we knew well enough, it’s a treat, and with Crowley the treat is that much sweeter because we love to hate the guy! (Some of us just love to love him, and not just because of the gay sexual innuendos, although they help). When Sam was putting him through the ringer, his bravado broke and a real piece of him shone through. I want to see more of that tortured soul. Call me a masochist. (I’m usually called worse.


 6. Castiel, Heaven, and the fallen angels

Now hear me out. I was of the opinion (and still am) that Castiel’s character development was nearly flawless and as such, his story should have come to an end towards the end of the fifth season or the beginning of the sixth. I’ve always thought he should have gone out as our heavenly hero and we should have avoided dragging him through the mud like the Writer Dronestmhave. That being said, and my opinion of the whole angels and Heaven story being tired and old, I have to say I’m curious as hell to see where this goes. Castiel has had his grace taken from him? Angels have been cast out of their home? One of their own is now in Heaven doing God-knows-what and must be stopped? Count me in!

I could go on and on, and I could also rehash what we haven’t loved about this season but why? Really, what’s the point? “All’s well that ends well,” right? Okay, that’s not exactly true, but what is true is that our little show that could still has plenty of life left in it and I, for one, cannot wait to see what’s in store!

Bring on the heartache. Bring on the creatures. Bring on the pie!

I’ll be seeing you soon, my friends, and really, none of us at The Backlot are going anywhere. We’ll be here when Supernatural returns this falls. Until then, feel free to “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@TheBacklot), you can find me here @kindaskimpy on Twitter, and we’ll stay in touch!

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