Suri Cruise Has A New First Name

Sara is so fetch. Photo Credit: Getty Images

And she will be called…


Apparently, Katie Holmes doesn’t want to draw attention to Suri when they are out in public (because everyone around them is blind?), so she calls Suri “Sara” when they are out in public.

Granted, this is all from InTouch so take it with a grain of sea salt. The report says Katie referred to the little fashionista as “Sara” when speaking to her Dead Accounts co-stars, which makes sense because her co-stars surely didn’t know they were speaking to Katie Holmes. “Oh we thought you were Katie Holmes, but your daughter is named Sara so you must be somebody else.”

And Suri loves her new name, of course. She even named her Build-a-Bear, Sara! (Really, the fact that we may or may not know the name of a 7-year-old’s stuffed animal is a bit disturbing.)

If it is true, then kudos to Katie for trying to make her daughter’s life normal.

But, who is Katie kidding? We all know Sara’s Burn Book just doesn’t have the same ring to it.