U.K. Eurovision Entry Interrupted By Protestor During Finale Performance

The man shouted: "For the Nazis of the U.K. media we want freedom."

During the finale of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, the U.K.’s entry, SuRie, was interrupted during her performance by a man who jumped onstage and stole her microphone.


The man was escorted off the stage by security guards, but not before shouting “For the Nazis of the U.K. media we want freedom,” according to Gay Star News.

SuRie’s song “Storm,” has already been heralded as a power anthem, and she continued to sing after the protestor was taken away, singing the lyrics, “never give up,” as the crowd cheered.

The Daily Star revealed SuRie had been labeled a “terror target” for representing the U.K., and she had been under the protection of security guards leading up to the Eurovision finale.

“They are all military guys from the SAS so they take everything very seriously. They are really looking after me,” said SuRie.

“They don’t tell me much about what they’re doing… they’re behind the scenes surveying everything and keeping everything in check. They are great guys. They make you feel safe. I haven’t felt nervous at all.”


During past Eurovision contests, when performers have been interrupted by protestors, they have been offered the opportunity to perform their song again.

SuRie was offered to sing “Storm” again, but according to the BBC’s Eurovision Twitter account “Surie and her team are extremely proud of her performance and have together decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.”

Watch SuRie’s performance in the video below.

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