Måns Zelmerlöw, Sweden’s Entrant For Eurovision, Has A Homophobic Past

The 28-year-old declared homosexuality was "abnormal" on a live TV program.

Singer Måns Zelmerlöw first became famous on Swedish Idol 2005, and was recently chosen to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Not everyone is thrilled, though. Mostly because of a televised homophobic tirade he went on last year.

Zelmerlöw was on Pluras kök, a televised dinner party, when he declared homosexuality  was “abnormal,” and that gay couples shouldn’t raise children.

Trying to dig himself out, the 28-year-old clarified that while there is “nothing wrong at all” with being gay, the more natural thing is for men and women to bone and make babies.

Buried under a mile of bad press, Zelmerlöw apologized, saying “I hope that the vast majority know that I respect differences and all forms of love.” He then headlined Sweden’s biggest LGBT event, the QX Gaygala.