Sweet Tweet November: 10 Best Gay Tweets On Nick Jonas, “Ender’s Game,” And MC Skat Kat


Straight up, now tell me: Are you prepared to love Nick Jonas forever? Oh, oh, oh. Speaking for myself: Yes, and I’m just having fun.

Learn more about these feelings in the ten best gay tweets of the week.

1. Nick Stadler knows Orson Scott Card is ready for his own personal hunger games.

2. Billy Eichner charts Paula Abdul’s journey from Forever Your Girl to Forever A Woman In The Eyes Of Her Synagogue.

3. Please extend a congratulatory fiddle-dee-dee to Chris Schleicher  today!

4. Tyler Oakley is the only person who has used the term “#blessed” correctly.


5. Aw, James Adomian has met my last few boyfriends.

6. Guy Branum reminds us how haunting Karen Carpenter’s “Dreidl Song” is.

7. Andy Herren won Big Brother and lost the appreciation of the best TV.

8. I need a funeral gown — anyone have Bob Mackie’s number?

9. Price Peterson is in the pumpkin spice doldrums, y’all.


10. Randy Rainbow sends away Halloween with the darkest observation ever.