T-Pain Knocks “Homophobic Idiots” On Twitter: “You Can Unclench Now”

t-painAfter his assistant was bullied online, rapper T-Pain dissed the haters with a tweet reminding everyone that gay men don’t lust after every single guy in the world.

“Attention homophobic idiots: if you’re not attractive to straight women, you’re probably not attractive to gay men. You can unclench now,” T-Pain posted on Twitter. “Just see a lot of ppl lookin at my assistant like ’oh no better not go that way. That guy wants my butt.’ Don’t be an idiot. Ur still fugly.”

Later, the hip-hop star posted a photo with E.J. King, the assistant in question, on Instagram and included the following note:

In the club with the gayest and best assistant for the stars to touch this earth @ejking21 y’all can hate if y’all want to you can $!W!$ (suck it while its soft) fuck ya. Nappy Boy get the job done. Get ready! We bout to run this shit again.

The man has a way with words.

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