Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins’ Secret Love Affair Being Brought to the Big Screen

Zachary Quinto and J.J. Abrams are on-board to produce the biopic.

The secret love affair between Hollywood heartthrobs Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins had been whispered about for decades, and it was finally confirmed in Hunter’s 2005 memoir, Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star.

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Now the relationship between the two actors will be brought to the big screen in Tab & Tony, a new biopic of the two men, being produced by Zachary Quinto and J.J. Abrams. Allan Glaser, Hunter’s longterm partner, will also produce.

Doug Wright, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his Tony-winning play I Am My Own Wife, is writing the screenplay.

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In addition to Tab & Tony, Hunter’s memoir was also the basis for the 2015 documentary Tab Hunter Confidential, also produced by Glaser.

Perkins, who is most known for his role in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, died from AIDS-related pneumonia in 1992.

Hunter is known for films like Damn Yankees! and Battle Cry-and then a career resurrection in the ’80s with John Waters’ Polyester. The heartthrob has been back in the spotlight the past few years after he publicly came out, and released his memoir and documentary about his life.

Hunter will turn 87 in July, and was most recently seen in New York where he caught The Boys in the Band on Broadway, starring Quinto.

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As soon as the movie was announced, Twitter began having casting sessions, and we have to admit that their choices are pretty on-point:

A release date for Tab & Tony has not been announced.

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