Hollywood Heartthrob Tab Hunter Passes Away at Age 86

The actor came out in his 2005 memoir, "Tab Hunter Confidential."

Tab Hunter, one of the most popular actors and heartthrobs during Hollywood’s golden age, has passed away at the age of 86, just three days shy of his 87th birthday.

The news was reported on the Facebook page for the 2015 documentary about Hunter, Tab Hunter: Confidential:

According to the New York Times, Hunter’s death was confirmed by his husband, Allan Glaser, who said “the cause was cardiac arrest after a blood clot moved from Mr. Hunter’s leg to his lung.”

The actor was known for films from the 1950s like Damn Yankees! and Battle Cry-and then a career resurrection in the ’80s with John Waters’ Polyester. The actor had been back in the spotlight the past few years after he publicly came out, and released his memoir and documentary about his life.

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Just last month he was in New York, and saw the star-studded revival of The Boys in the Band, where he was seen backstage talking with Zachary Quinto, who is producing a new biopic about the secret love affair between Hunter and Psycho star, Anthony Perkins, Tab & Tony.

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Hunter never talked about his sexuality until he released his memoir in 2005. In an interview from last year he said:

“If I had come out during my acting career in the 1950s, I would not have had a career. Not much in Hollywood has changed in 60 years. I really didn’t talk about my sexuality until I wrote my autobiography.”

“My film career had long since been over by then. I believe one’s sexuality is one’s own business. I really don’t go around discussing it. Call me ’old school’ on that topic.”

Hunter would have turned 87 this Wednesday, July 11.

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