Take a Breath of Le Whif: Candy's Newest Powder Sensation

Move over, Blow Pops, candy has a new phallic form, and this one is poised to take the USA by storm.  Meet “Le Whif”,  which markets itself as “Breatheable Food” – basically, it’s flavored powder in a biodegradeable lipstick-like dispenser that you put to your mouth and suck.  Wait, let me get this straight, you take 8-10 puffs of this powder, and that equals a snack?  Without the calories?  Diet craze, here we come!

Interestingly enough, the idea was developed originally as a new, shot-less/pill-less way for people to take medicine, but Harvard entrepeneur David Edwards saw a saccharine application for this invention.

There is something uniquely odd about huffing candy; it feels kind of like you’re doing something wrong or illegal.  I tried to take a picture of myself actually trying it out, but it came out looking inappropriate, so we’ll have to do without.

“Le Whif” comes in chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate, and coffee.  I’m waiting for a cosmo flavor.  You can try it for yourself at www.LeWhif.com, or it’s available for purchase at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City and Cardullo’s in Boston.