Take A First Look At The Los Angeles LGBT Center

Time for an upgrade!

A new Los Angeles LGBT center is planned to open up just blocks away from the soon-to-be-demolished Circus Disco.

Circus Disco, which has functioned as a safe haven for the Los Angeles LGBT community for decades, is set for imminent demolition. Thankfully, plans for a brand new LGBT center are in the works.


The future Anita May Rosenstein Campus will expand LGBT services in the city by providing affordable housing for senior citizens as well as facilities to feed and help homeless young people and seniors.

These new facilities will have as many as 100 affordable housing units, plus up to 35 units of permanent supportive housing for youths. They will also feature a large communal kitchen as well as upwards of 100 beds to offer to homeless young people.


The campus is being designed by New York-based architects Leong Leong and local firm Killefer Flammang.

Construction will start soon, with completion estimated for early 2019.

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