Take A Road Trip With Will And His Boyfriend On “Nashville”

But they make terrible wingmen

We need to discuss Gunnar Scott on ABC’s Nashville.

Has there ever been a sweeter, more supportive straight BFF than Gunnar? A lot of that is due to to the talent of Sam Palladio, who is always charming, adorable, and effortlessly hot. BTW, did you know that Sam is actually British? And that he also stars on the series Episodes, which gave us this treasure (trail).


But Gunnar is feeling down in the dumps after his love life has completely imploded, and rather than stay home and listen to roommate Avery’s baby whine about baby stuff, he decides to tag along when Will and his songwriter boyfriend Kevin head to Atlanta (Will and Kevin are going there to hear megastar Luke perform the song they wrote, which is sporting considering Luke dumped Will from his label after Will came out. But a buck’s a buck).

You know what that means – ROAD TRIP!

Well, it’s a short one, as Gunnar can’t stop talking about moving on with his life, perhaps with the baby’s nanny? Will says it’s a bad idea (true), but Kevin decides that what Gunnar needs is a distraction. Something that will give some relief without the hassles of a relationship. Ooh, a circle jerk?

Sadly no, but he does have an idea.


They get to the show, with Luke acting as if he didn’t just crush Will’s spirit, and backstage, Will and Kevin pick out Gunnar’s potential hook-up. Unfortunately, she seems to be more interested in Will, which leads to an awkward moment with Gunnar fumbling for words and making everyone wince with each syllable.


Okay, stop talking. Thankfully, he does, but the damage is done.


Oh Kevin, just drop it. Eventually, Gunnar is able to get his hook-up.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Will listen to Luke’s version of their song. It sounds great, but Will is obviously having second thoughts about letting the song go. He tells Kevin he doesn’t think he’s ready to sell it to Luke, but Kevin reminds him that songwriting is his livelihood, and he needs to think about the next step of his career. But it’s not what Will wants.


The ride back is awkward, especially with Gunnar humping in the back.


Now that Will has realized he still wants to be on stage, can he please go to Rayna?

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