Tammie Brown on Her New EP and if She Would Ever Do “All Stars” Again

We all need a little bit of Tammie.

Get ready to take a trip to Planet Tammie.

Tammie Brown, the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 and All Stars queen has been a fan favorite since she first sashayed into the workroom a decade ago. Years later she is still touring the world, and invites all of her fans to join her online at Planet Tammie.

Recently, at DragCon NYC, NewNowNext caught up with Tammie where she spilled some details about her forthcoming EP, A Little Bit of Tammie.

“It has four songs on it, then there’s a lip-sync suicide, an homage to Drag Race Season 1, and there’s a shoutout to RuPaul,” she revealed. “Hopefully we can get him in the video. We’ll see what happens.”

In addition to new music, Tammie talked about how she would be open to the idea of doing All Stars again—Bebe did it!—and who she would like to see make a return to the Drag Race runway:

“I would like to see Ongina back on All Stars, and maybe Jade Sotomayor,” she answered. Then adding that a queen she would love to see compete on an upcoming season of the Emmy-winning series would be Karen From Finance, “but she’s from Australia, so we’ll see.”

We think Tammie just started a campaign for Drag Race Down Under, and we would so watch.

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