Tan Mom A Hot Mess At Drag Queen Roast At XL

tan mom drag queens hot mess

Gross. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Was she sh*t-faced or has all that tanning fried her brain?  Either way, Patricia Krentcil, aka Tan Mom, exceeded expectations as the headliner of the “Tan Mom at Hot Mess” event last night at Manhattan’s XL Lounge.  You may remember Krentcil as the leather faced, child abusive mother who took her fair-skinned, five year old daughter to a tanning booth resulting in severe burns for the child – a claim which the Oompa Loompa look-alike vehemently denies. 

Well, last night Ms. Krentcil not only matched her skin to the lovely shade of orange worn by the show’s hostess Bianca del Rio, but lived up to the event’s title.  After arriving in a red mini dress that revealed more than anyone ever wanted to see (was that a baby bump or a beer gut?!), Krentcil fell over on the red carpet giving us a full crotch shot of her blinding white granny panties.  We just threw up a little bit in our mouth. 

From there, the walking skin cancer ad was positioned on stage with what was seemingly her 400th glass of red wine.  As the festivities continued, she shouted obscenities at the audience, tried to attack one of the queens in the show and was finally escorted off-stage.  Classy!

Based on her richly baked skin, you would think that the Tan Mom would be totally comfortable at a roast.  I guess all that alcohol took the edge off what felt like a real “pressure cooker” situation. 

Ms. Krentcil, you are a big hot mess indeed!

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