Taylor Swift ’22’ Video: The Best Episode Of ‘Laguna Beach’ EVER

Taylor Swift has just released the video for her new song “22” y’all, and while we want to hate it and say it is stupid and the lyrics are the worst, it is exactly the kind of music video we would have loved when we were in our early twenties. Also, it basically plays like an episode of the greatest show of all time, Laguna Beach, so much so that we kinda expected Kristin Cavallari and that tall Alex girl (Remember her? God she was the fuc*ing best) to come wandering out to pal around with Taylor and her lady posse.

So watch Taylor and her real life BFFs (Jessica Szohr? Where you been girl?) jump on trampolines, rock fedoras, wear ironic t-shirts and extol the virtues of youth in the video above. There are far worse ways you could spend your morning.

And you know what Taylor, throw away all the fuc*ing fan mail you want, you’re only 22. Or maybe now 23.

Does that change things?

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