4 Unexpected Taylor Swift Fans

It’s become pretty trendy to admit you’re a closeted Taylor Swift fan lately. What used to be my secret Spotify-ed shame has now been readily discussed by all kinds of weird famous people- let’s just say The Blondest One of All has fans in all the right places.

Lena Dunham

It doesn’t surprise me that Lena Dunham is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Think about it: Hannah Horvath, Dunham’s Girls character, spent the first half of last season chasing after some bearded dude and the second half treating him (mostly) like crap as she realized how badly she needed to focus on herself and her career.

Taylor Swift is 23.

THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON. One has a camera, the other has a guitar, but they both know the pen is mightier than the sword- even if the sword is attached to a really hot guy with a beard.

Stevie Nicks

Remember their awful performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards? Well, Stevie’s much more forgiving than most would expect after a public disaster and has compared T-Swift’s songwriting abilities to that of Elton John (?!?!?!) and Neil Diamond. She even went as far to say, “Taylor is writing for the universal woman and for the man who wants to know her.”

Reese Witherspoon

In the past, American Treasure Reese Witherspoon waxed poetically about other American Treasure, Taylor Swift, revealing,“It’s kind of interesting to see what a profound songwriter she is. I don’t even think anyone has realized, the long term is going to be the bigger revelation. It’s incredible how quickly she writes songs.” In the future, both she and Swift look forward to joining forces in a Nicholas Sparks movie where they can depress legions of teenagers and housewives for 150 minutes and $15 a pop while looking wistful in calico-print tank tops.

George H.W. Bush

During one of Taylor’s last impressions of Jackie Kennedy, former President George H.W. Bush crossed party lines and presidential compounds to listen to the sweet, sweet stylings of Taylor’s teardrops. I’m guessing his favorite song is probably “Red” (because of Republican things) or “Our Song” because he liked it better when she stuck to her country roots and not this DUBSTEP crap.

Lena Dunham Remains Amazing. Sorry Backlash