Why Taylor Swift in Drag Has Us Hot and Bothered

"The Man" would leave us all on read (and honestly, we'd let him).

Please welcome to the stage your new favorite drag king: Taylor Swift.

The country-pop artist and LGBTQ ally of “You Need to Calm Down” fame pandered to her queer fans once again with her new music video for “The Man,” a feminist anthem off her 2019 studio album, Lover. The music video, which doubles as Swift’s directorial debut, sees the 30-year-old singer don some shockingly good (and uncomfortably attractive?) drag to imagine what life would be like without the inescapable weight of systemic misogyny.

Surprise, surprise: Life is a hell of a lot easier for T-Swift the Drag King, whose ease of navigating the workplace, public transportation, and small social gatherings improves drastically once she becomes—well, “The Man.”

Swift’s bearded drag king alter-ego promptly devolves into a parody of a chauvinistic male CEO. Viewers see him man-spread on the subway while smoking a cigar; take a very manly, very glittery public piss; and celebrate a business win on a private boat while surrounded by bikini-clad ladies. Girls and gays, take note: “The Man” can and will leave you on read.

But the real kicker comes when the singer confronts her drag persona as herself directing the music video—and asks him to “try to be sexier, maybe more likeable this time?” Whew!

According to Swift, the killer drag transformation was no easy feat: The singer spent “4–6 hours every day in the makeup chair” with her drag-proficient makeup artist Bill Corso.

“Corso & his incredible team and I have worked together before, turning me into a zombie… but convincing a significant amount of people I was a dude is our crowning achievement,” she added on Twitter.

Watch Swift lean into her inner fuckboy in “The Man” on YouTube.

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