How a RuPaul Movie Inspired One of Taylor Swift’s New Breakup Bops

Everybody say "Lover!"

Unless you have been living under a …reputation rock, you know that Taylor Swift’s seventh album was finally unleashed onto the world this week. Since “The Archer” singer is in full promo mode right now, she swung by Elvis Duran’s morning radio show to dish on all things Lover.

During the conversation she talked about her inspirations for her new batch of songs, including how Someone Great, a Netflix movie featuring RuPaul, sparked inspo for the track “Death by a Thousand Cuts.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ABA

Someone Great stars Gina Rodriguez as Jenny, a music journalist living in New York who lands her dream job at an iconic magazine in San Francisco. But instead of her boyfriend of nine years following her, he breaks up with her. This prompts Jenny to enlist her two best friends (played by DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow) to party the house down boots before she packs her bags and leaves the Big Apple.

RuPaul’s character gives Jenny some sage advice: “This is destiny, you are Beyoncé.”

“’Death by a Thousand Cuts’ was inspired by the movie Someone Great on Netflix. It’s an amazing romantic comedy with heart and depth to it,” Taylor said. “It’s a gut punch. I cried watching the movie, and so for about week I started waking up from dreams that I’m living out that scenario. I woke up and was like ’Oh, my God, I’m writing a breakup song.'”

This isn’t the first time Ru has inspired Taylor. She featured Mutha and many of her Drag Race girls in the very queer video for “You Need to Calm Down.”


The VMA-nominated music video culminates in a Pop Queen Pageant with some familiar faces portraying some of our favorite pop divas: Tatianna as Ariana Grande, Trinity the Tuck as Lady Gaga, Delta Work as Adele, Adore Delano as Katy Perry, A’Keria C. Davenport as Nicki Minaj, Trinity K. Bonet as Cardi B., and Jade Jolie as Taylor herself. There’s also Mother Ru, of course, who almost crowns a winner.

Hear Taylor talk about Someone Great around the 12-minute mark in the interview below.

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