Team StarKid Leaps From YouTube to Second City With New Sketch Show

Team StarKid

Our favorite YouTube theater troupe is eschewing the internet and going all-IRL in their new sketch comedy show at Chicago’s Second City Up Comedy Club. Airport For Birds (And Other Great Ideas), 90 minutes of sketch comedy, videos and music will run starting at the end of January and into March 2013.

“Basically, the opportunity to work with the legendary Second City was one that we couldn’t pass up,” show director Corey Lubowich told NewNowNext. ” The ensemble has been incredibly willing and eager to dive into working in a new format and using their skills in new ways. I’m so excited to be able showcase a different side of these performers that our audience hasn’t experienced in past StarKid shows.”

The show will feature longtime StarKid performers like Jaime Lyn Beatty, Brian Holden, Denise Donvan, Jeff Blim, Lauren Lopez and Meredith Stepien, among others, as well as introduce a few StarKid newcomers.  What can longtime StarKid fans expect from the troupe’s first regularly scheduled live show?

“The show is evolving every day in rehearsal as we revise, add, and cut sketches,” said Lubowich. “So who knows what will make the final cut! But you can expect it to cover anything from yoga to banking and MMA to Taylor Swift.”

For more information, including onsale dates and all event dates, visit their YouTube.

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