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Ted Cruz Thinks Homophobic “Duck Dynasty” Star Phil Robertson Should Be UN Ambassador

"How much would you pay to see the Russian ambassador’s face when Phil says , 'What is wrong with you people?'"

Remember how we told you Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson called gay marriage “evil” and “wicked” while campaigning for Ted Cruz earlier this month?

Well, the presidential hopeful loved Robertson’s bigoted words so much that he’s now floating the idea of the reality star becoming an ambassador to the United Nations. Seriously.

“Imagine Phil Robertson as the ambassador to the United Nations,” Cruz recently said at an event in West Columbia. “How much would you pay to see that?”

“Can you just imagine sitting in the UN general assembly,” he continued. “The Russian ambassador says something, he leans over and says, ’Well that doesn’t make any sense at all!'”

He repeated his idea to a crowd of supporters in Myrtle Beach yesterday, which you can watch for yourself in the video clip below.

h/t: Towleroad

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