Trans Teen And His Girlfriend Featured On New “Teen Mom” Series

"It's time to mom up."

The Teen Mom franchise is back with a new addition to the family—Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

The 14-episode docu-series will follow five young women as they deal with being a new Generation Z mother. The new series should be of interest to queer viewers because one of the five women featured, Brianna, will be raising her baby with her trans boyfriend, Danae.


“Brianna and her transgender boyfriend Danae have always had a tumultuous relationship and during one breakup, Brianna hooked up with an old friend and got pregnant,” the cable net said in a press release for the show.

“Now Danae is back in the picture and has promised to raise the baby as his own, but Brianna’s mom questions Danae’s ability to support her daughter with their on- and off-again relationship.”


“Me being trans I can show them there is so much more to this world,” Danae tells Brianna in the new trailer for the series. In the preview viewers will also get a glimpse of Brianna confessing to the camera that she fell in love with Danae for “who he is.”

Will Brianna and Danae be one big happy family once the baby is born? Find out when Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premieres March 12 on MTV.

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