London Teen Strangled On Tube, Forced To Apologize For Being Gay

His female friend was then allegedly punched and pushed to the ground.

A teenager riding on the Tube in London earlier this year was allegedly put in a headlock and forced to apologize for being gay.

Police say that two young men got on a Jubilee line train and hurled homophobic slurs at the 19-year-old before eventually putting him in a headlock, causing him to have trouble breathing.

They then reportedly grabbed the young man’s phone and threatened to stab him until he “apologized” for being gay.

According to British Transport Police, the assailants returned the phone but then got into a fight with the man’s friend—a 25-year-old woman who was allegedly punched and pushed to the ground in the scuffle.

The incident took place in October, but authorities have just released photos of two men they believe are connected to the homophobic attack in the hopes that someone will recognize them and come forward with information.

“Hate crime will not be tolerated by the British Transport Police. We believe everyone has the right to travel safely,” the police said in a statement. “We won’t tolerate behavior where someone is targeted because they are perceived to be different, or made to feel uncomfortable on their journey.”

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