The LGBT Characters On “Teen Wolf,” Ranked

Prepare for the show's series finale with a look at its queer quotient.

MTV’s Teen Wolf is one of the greatest supernatural dramas of all time. And, as far as LGBT representation, it’s nothing to sniff at, either.

In addition to enough queer kids at Beacon Hills High to start a GSA, the show boasts out creator Jeff Davis and former cast members Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver.

In anticipation of Teen Wolf’s finale, we’ve ranked all of the show’s LGBT characters, from worst to beast. (We had to!)

Watch the Teen Wolf finale on September 24 at 8/7c on MTV.

  1. Emily and Caitlin


    Emily (Lauren McKnight) barely appeared in one episode, Season Three’s “Fireflies,” before she was overcome by a swarm of insects. Sheriffs later found her body and tied to a tree with a rope, her head bashed in and throat slit.

    Her girlfriend Caitlin (Zelda Williams) survived, and went on to hook up with Stiles.

  2. Lucas


    A minor character from Season Five, club kid Lucas (Eddie Ramos) was Corey’s boyfriend, who was turned into a werewolf-scorpion chimera by the Dread Doctors.

    Alas, he died at the doctors’ hands soon after.

  3. Ethan Steiner


    Twins Ethan and Aiden Steiner (Charlie and Max Carver) were introduced as antagonists in Season Three. Ethan was tasked with dating Danny to spy on Danny’s werewolf friend, Scott McCall.


    Things got complicated, however, when Ethan developed real feelings for Danny.

    The two have since broken up, and Ethan blew town when Aiden died in battle at the end of Season Three.

  4. Brett Talbot

    Brett (Cody Saintgnue) is a supporting character whose story arc began in Season Four: He’s a werewolf and a member of the Satomi Pack, allied with the McCalls to fight against the Deadpool assassins in Season Five.

    Last year, Brett was revealed to bisexual.

  5. Corey Bryant


    A supporting character in Seasons Five and Six, Corey (Michael Johnston) is a werewolf-scorpion chimera stung by his ex, Lucas. He was violently killed by the Dread Doctors, who considered him a failed experiment, but was promptly resurrected and made a member of the Chimera Pack.

    After the chimeras dissolved, Corey cemented his status as an ally to the McCall Pack. He’s currently dating Mason, a fellow McCall Pack member.

  6. Danny Mahealani


    Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) was a series regular from Seasons One through Three. Although he was a human, Danny was connected to most of the supernaturals at Beacon Hills—including his werewolf boyfriend Ethan Steiner—and knew about their paranormality sooner than he let on.

    Kahuanui left the show when Danny graduated at the end of Season Three.

  7. Mason Hewitt


    Played by Khylin Rhambo, Mason debuted in Season Four. At Beacon Hills, he’s been Liam Dunbar’s loyal best friend and confidant, and helped him solve supernatural mysteries.

    Mason’s story arc took a dramatic turn when he was revealed to be the Dread Doctors’ only successful Chimera. After a dramatic possession by the Beast of Gevaudan, Mason has thankfully returned to his normal self. He’s graduated to second-in-command of the McCall Pack and is dating Corey Bryant.

  8. Jackson Whittemore

    Teen Wolf/MTV

    Veteran TW actor Colton Haynes left the show after the second season but returned for the final batch of episodes in Season 6. Viewers discovered this werewolf-kanima hybrid been living in London—as an out gay man in a relationship with fellow lycanthrope Ethan (Charlie Carver).


    In Season One and Two, Jackson was in a long-term relationship with Lydia Martin, but Haynes says his coming out “makes total sense—That’s why Jackson carried around that angst.”

    Showrunner Jeff Davis said he had decided to put Jackson in a same-sex relationship a long ago time ago. “I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy—whether that means he’s bisexual or gay, that’s how he’s returning. I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.”

Watch the Teen Wolf finale Sunday, September 24, at 8/7c on MTV.


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