Surprise: “Teen Wolf” Tyler Posey Shirtless On TV Land’s “The Exes”

tyler posey the exes shirtless

That Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey took his shirt off before the cameras isn’t newsworthy—that he did on a different show is. (Well, that’s debatable, but we knew you’d want to know.)

Posey popped up sans fangs last night on The Exes, TV Land’s sophomore sitcom about a group of divorced men living with their divorce attorney (Kristen Johnston). In last ntumblr_mrvvurpVvP1ryvnv4o1_400ight’s episode, “The Hand that Robs the Cradle,” Posey played a young law student pursuing the older Johnston. The gang starts to questions his motives, though, once they meet his mom.

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Oddly, when Tyler peels off his shirt in the episode, the sexy nipple tattoos he sported at San Diego Comic Con were nowhere in sight. Was the episode filmed beforehand? Did they cover them up with makeup? Where the tats—gasp!—fake?

Whatever the case, Posey’s been flexing his comedic chops lately: He appeared on Workaholics not long ago as a high-school jock eager to lose his virginity. And yes, he got shirtless then, too.

Please don’t ever change, Tyler Posey. Ever.

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