‘Teen Wolf’ Cast Works Out, Sweats, Looks Super Hot: WATCH

No, not that kind of physical. Get your minds out of the gutter.

There’s still a long wait for Season 3 of MTV’s Teen Wolf, but luckily fans have had a lot to keep them occupied with the convention circuit starting. We’ve had promo pictures, spoilers, panels…

And a video of the Carver twins working out. Well…if you’re into that kind of thing (it’s okay, we are too).

Max and Charlie Carver, who will be playing a pair of twins in the Alpha pack and causing heaps of trouble, explain the pressures of keeping in shape for Teen Wolf – all while doing crunches, lifting dumbbells, and giving us an overall eyeful. The boys work with the same trainer that most of the rest of the cast works with, Tony Wisniewski.

Tylers Posey and Hoechlin also give their insight about working out with Tony as well. Posey recalls throwing up after eating IHop and going right to working out. Hoechlin complains about his diet, but does admit to giving in and having pizza once in a while. Speaking of pizza, Charlie laments over the fact he hasn’t had pizza in three months while Posey seems to eat it every day.

That’s the price of beauty! We can’t thank them enough for sticking with it, because exercise is a lot of work and it gives the show more than enough eye candy to look forward to. Only 55 more days!

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