Tegan And Sara Make A Statement About Marriage In New “BWU” Video

The indie pop duo's thoughts on marriage equality probably aren't what you think!

Sara Quinn of Tegan and Sara declares “I don’t need a ring to prove that you’re worthy…we don’t need a white wedding” in a new video for “BWU,” the indie pop duo’s latest single.

Quinn explained in an interview with EW that the song is a sort of antithesis to the celebration of marriage equality, which she believes is a heteroization of modern queer culture.

“I was happy when the Supreme Court ruling legalized same sex marriage in the U.S.A.,” she said.

“But I was also relieved that I could finally ‘come out’ as a person who actively dislikes the institution—specifically the assumption that by not participating in the ritual you are a deviant or unlikely to share the same common values as someone who does.”

DuVall added: “I think [the message] is something that you don’t often hear in pop. There’s this expectation of love and relationships and what ‘true love’ is supposed to look like, and anything short of that is a failure or not ‘true love.’”

The video, directed by actress Clea DuVall (Argo, Veep) is the second off the band’s recent album Love You to Death, which the pair are turning into a visual album with upcoming releases of music videos for each song.

Check it out below:

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