Teresa Giudice Is Totally Getting A Divorce … After The Holidays

teresa giudice divorce

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Sad news for those Teresa Giudice fans, it seems the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey and writer on Pulitzer Prize winning tomes like Skinny Italian and Fabulicious, is splitting from her husband Joe after the holidays. According to the National Enquirer.

It’s Wacky Weekly Wednesday.

This rumor has, of course, been floating around forever and has never happened, but what evidence does the Enquirer have?

Teresa is reportedly mad that Joe makes no money and is always cheating on her with other hos. This would of course make any lady or man mad, if it were true.

“To keep up appearances, they’ll play happy family until [after the holidays],” a sorce tells the mag. “Her game plan is to make nice with Joe over Thanksgiving and Christmas, dress up their girls — Gabriella, Audriana, Milania and Gia — in their finest party clothes, plaster a fake smile on her face and act as if all is well.”

As long as those girls are wearing their ridiculous headbands, we are onboard with this plan.

“But in reality, things couldn’t be worse between them,” the source explains.


Well, we shall all see later this year it seems, but something tells us these two are likely staying together — forever.

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