Terry Miller, A.K.A. Mr. Dan Savage: “Marriage Didn’t Really Change Anything”

terry-miller3We’re glad that Dan Savage’s husband, Terry Miller, is getting his turn in the spotlight. We’d heard about Terry in Dan’s podcast and column, and saw him briefly when the couple launched the “It Gets Better” campaign, but he was mostly the man behind the man.

Ever since his underwear shoot for Mr. Turk, though, Miller’s been on everyone’s mind.

The Underwear Expert tracked the handsome blond down to ask about his debut modeling gig and married life with America’s best-known gay activist/advice columnist. Although Terry and Dan officially tied the knot in December (after Washington State passed marriage equality), he says their new marital status hasn’t really affected their lives:  “Nothing’s really changed. We’ve been together 18 years, so marriage didn’t really change anything—except our tax status.”

Is Dan a fan of the photos?  How could he not be? “He’s seen everything,” Miller reveals. “He didn’t come to the shoot, but he came for drinks after,” said Miller. “I’m assuming he likes the pictures — he posted a bunch of them on Twitter!”

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.