Terry Miller Named Tom Of Finland Store’s First Official U.S. Ambassador

Dan Savage's husband is a macho, macho man.

Anyone who follows Terry Miller on social media knows he’s no stranger to leather.

Writer-activist Dan Savage’s husband announced on Instagram last week that he has been named the first official ambassador for Tom of Finland’s online store in the U.S.

A Tom of Finland partnership makes perfect sense for the hunky swimsuit model and It Gets Better project co-founder. Miller, who hosts leather and fetish parties in Seattle, usually looks like he just stepped out of an erotic drawing by the influential gay artist.

But what exactly does a Tom of Finland ambassador do? That remains unclear, but it will probably involve even more Instagram posts like the ones below.

#HBD2me ## @lockwood51la @cellblock13la @nark_magazine #MakeOutParty # @nunzilla

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Friday night Y'all. #TomOfFinland @soldoutclothing #LilPeppiCoconuts

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