We Have Some Very Gay Feelings About Tessa Thompson’s “MIB” Look

*heart eyes*

Put away your neuralyzer, because Tessa Thompson’s look in the new Men in Black: International trailer is one we never want to forget.

The forthcoming film, the fourth iteration of the Men in Black franchise, will star Thompson as Agent M, a rookie MIB agent tasked with helping Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) find a mole in the super-secret alien-fighting organization. (Does the “H” stand for “hunky”? Asking for a friend…)

Columbia Pictures/EPK.tv

Naturally, Thompson dons her best MIB getup: the classic suited-up garb, black tux and tie included. Nothing like a woman in a tie, right?

It’s far from Thompson’s first action movie role: The bisexual actress has starred as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, a character she asserts is canonically bi, even though Valkyrie’s sexuality is never explicitly addressed in the film. (The character does actually have a same-sex love interest in the comics!)

She also co-starred in Janelle Monáe’s music videos for “Make Me Feel,” in which she was Monáe’s love interest, and “Pynk,” in which she appeared between the legs of the singer’s now-iconic pink pussy pants. Because, duh, it’s #20GayTeen.

Men in Black: International hits theaters June 14, 2019. In the meantime, watch the official trailer below, and prepare yourself, because Thompson in a suit and tie will give you a heart attack. That is, if the evil aliens don’t take you down first.

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