The Nine Best Thanksgiving Movies

There's not a turkey in the bunch.

When it comes to holiday-themed films, Thanksgiving can’t hold a scented candle to Christmas, but there are still quite a few cinematic feasts to gobble up.

Here are nine awesome Thanksgiving movies. Watch them while in a food coma or blitzed on egg nog.

  1. Home for the Holidays


    Holly Hunter is kind of the greatest and is amazing playing an adulterous single mom in this wacky holiday romp. Also starring Robert Downey Jr., playing gay, Anne Bancroft, playing awesome, and Claire Danes as Hunter’s petulant teen daughter. It’ll be like reliving your day all over again.

  2. The House of Yes


    Tori Spelling is in this movie and really, really good. Who would’ve thunk it? The real star however is a mentally unbalanced Parker Posey eager to revisit her incestuous past with her brother while he is home for the holidays with his new gal. Family fun for all!

  3. Hannah and Her Sisters

    Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) Directed by Woody Allen Shown from left: Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey, Dianne Wiest. © Orion Pictures

    Dianne Weist, Michael Caine and Woody Allen all won Oscars for this, perhaps the director’s second most memorable film after Annie Hall. Affairs, drugs, Carrie Fisher, this movie has everything you could hope for this holiday season.

  4. The Ice Storm


    Christina Ricci plays the greatest pissed off teen of all time in this Ang Lee flick that, in our humble opinion, is even better than that gay cowboy movie. I mean the tent scene in Brokeback is nothing compared to Ricci giving Elijah Wood a blow job while wearing a Nixon mask. Also wonderful are Joan Allen as the frosty matriarch and Sigourney Weaver as a bored lover.

  5. The Myth of Fingerprints


    This little scene indie stars Julianne Moore, Blythe Danner and Hope Davis as a family that has got some issues. And, like all good families, they decide to let it all seep out on Thanksgiving! Bonus points for the genius way Roy Schneider convinces people he hunts and kills the family turkey every year.

  6. Addams Family Values


    The rare sequel better than the original, Addams Family Values featured a bravura performance from Joan Cusack and a trip to camp with Wednesday and Pugsley culminating in a memorable Thanksgiving play. Carnage ensues.

  7. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


    A perennial favorite for over forty years, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving taught us that family comes in different forms, and toast and popcorn is the ultimate Thanksgiving feast.

  8. The Facts Of Life Reunion


    Thirteen years after the iconic 80s series ended, the cast came back together (sans Nancy McKeon, who wanted to distance herself from the show), as Blair, Tootie, Natalie, and Mrs. Garrett returned to Peekskill for a Thanksgiving reunion. Secrets were spilled, and friendships were strengthened.

  9. Thankskilling


    This 2008 splatter comedy’s tag line is “Gobble Gobble Motherf*cker!,” which makes it the perfect antidote to all the forced family banter and awkward conversations that occur once all the food is gone.