That Time Finn Wittrock Did Unspeakable Things To Matt Bomer

Remembering Dandy

It’s interesting how some actors can fly under the radar for years until that one breakthrough performance catapults them into stardom, and that’s certainly the case with Finn Wittrock, who celebrates his 31st birthday today.


Finn was best known for a series of episodic TV appearances, and a two-year stint on All My Children, until Ryan Murphy hired him for the role of the baby-faced psychotic Dandy on American Horror Story: Freak Show.


Finn gave a bizarre, go-for-broke performance that was gloriously over-the-top and garnered an instant cult following, and an Emmy nomination.

His balls-out (literally) take on a serial killer did the impossible – it made other Ryan Murphy characters seem demure, and caused a gif explosion online


Co-star Gabourey Sidibe was front and center for the display, and showed a steely dedication to her craft and her character, but you have to wonder if they exchanged awkward looks later at the craft services table.

finn wittrock nude american horror story

Even though Freak Show would end its run a messy debacle, Finn emerged unscathed, and would go on to the other Ryan Murphy projects The Normal Heart and American Horror Story: Hotel, and he’ll star in the upcoming family film My All American.

But nothing will ever top Dandy, even if he did do horrifying things to Matt Bomer.

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