The 10 Best Gay Bars And Clubs In Barcelona

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Situated on Spain’s gorgeous coast, and just 35km from the gay beaches of Sitges, Barcelona has long been known as a hotspot that gets hearts pumping—especially in the queer Gaixample district. Beaches, nightlife and drop-dead gorgeous Spaniards make for an enticing combination, no? Definitely take a disco nap, because this Catalan capital does get hopping until late night and into early morning.

This popular dance draws a twinky, buff crowd. Whether you want to just watch or jump in headfirst is up to you.

metro barcelona

Metro Disco

Far from the dusty institution it name suggest, this place is over-the-top with kitschy touches. With a regular influx of hipsters and twink Adonises, its a great spot to pre-party before hitting Metro down the block—if you don’t mind jostling for space that is.

The Metro
Always open (and always gay), the Metro is a pioneer in Barcelona’s queer nightlife landscape.

Arena Madre
The mother of Barcelona’s Arena clubs makes in intensity what it lacks in size. Closed Mondays, it attracts a young, fun crowd on Sundays.

El Cangrejo
More garish than a Gaudi building,  El Cangrejo is a great start to an evening of partying.

Like its patron saint, Marlena Dietrich—whose visage adorns nearly every wall—this club offers first-class cabaret, as well as sidesplitting drag acts.

la terrazza

La Terrazza (Facebook)

With a name that means “tie me up!” (from the classic Almodavor film of the same name) this  bar pumps out the latest in Spanish pop and draws a young campy crowds for Sunday night drag shows and a legendary happy hour.

La Terrazza
This open-air club nestled in Montjuic Hill is perfect spot for summertime fun.

Balmes 88
Frisky night owls can flock to this after-hours club that gets crankin’ at 6am.

Kiut Disco
This one’s for the girls, with a dance floor spacious enough to let everyone get their groove on.

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