The 10 Best “Snatch Game” Queens On “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

The Snatch Game challenge has become one of the most anticipated segments on RuPaul’s Drag Race: This gauntlet pushes the contestants to transform themselves physically and stretch themselves mentally, with some pretty delicious results. (To quote the sage Mariah, “When it’s right, it’s right.”)

Below are our picks for the top ten best Snatch Game performances to grace the Drag Race stage.

 Jessica Wild

10. Jessica Wild as RuPaul

This one makes the list for sheer courage: As a Season 2 queen, Jessica had no foreknowledge of this event, so her decision to lampoon the host of the show was both impulsive and risky. While her depiction wasn’t particularly accurate, it demonstrated one of Ru’s favorite qualities: Nerve.



9. Raja as Tyra Banks

Fans across the nation gasped in unison when Raja announced her choice of celebrity: As Sutan Amrull, he worked closely with the real Tyra on several seasons of America’s Next Top Model. She gets credit for biting the hand that used to feed her.


Alexis Mateo

8. Alexis Mateo as Alicia Keys

When you don’t have the look or the voice quite right, you’d better know how to make the audience laugh. Alexis took her portrayal to the next level by flirting shamelessly with guest judge Amber Rose. Who doesn’t want to see a pregnant drag queen try to make out with a supermodel?



7. Alaska as Lady Bunny

This could have been an easy one to botch: Bunny is close with Ru and known mainly for her sense of humor. Luckily, Alaska’s pretty quick-witted herself. Her oddly gruff vocalization missed the mark, but her answers were right on the money. She gets bonus points for sitting up straight under the weight of all that synthetic hair.



6. Willam as Jessica Simpson

Playing a mindless blonde with a passion for expensive clothes wasn’t exactly a Meryl Streep moment for Willam, but she had us in stitches with her depiction of a Jessica so absentminded that she literally got up and walked away.


Pandora Boxx

5. Pandora Boxx as Carol Channing

Many of you were expecting this one to fall higher on the list, but every gay you know does a passable Channing impression. Still, Pandora’s a comedian at heart and her she-larious responses nearly propelled her to a win on the runway.



4. Tatianna as Britney Spears

Sadly, Pandora’s performance was eclipsed in that episode (and on this list) by Tatianna’s brazenly brainless Brit-Brit. Despite panicking in the workroom that she’d never done an impression before, she managed to embody her target with truly toxic accuracy.


Sharon Needles

3. Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage

The reigning Drag Superstar has the undeniable gift of gab, and she pushed it to its absolute limit with her buxom, braying caricature of Ru’s best squirrelfriend. The visual impact wasn’t spot-on (she shouldn’t have chickened out on that witch nose), but her random ramblings on candy corns and Buffalo nickels were pitch perfect.


Jinkx Monsoon

2. Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie Beale

In a performance that displayed both uniqueness and talent—and cultural awareness—this season’s staunchest finalist gave us a revolutionary costume and an impersonation to match. Queens who never heard of Little Edie were lucky to receive an introduction this exceptional.


Chad Michaels

1. Chad Michaels as Cher

There’s everyone else, and then there’s Chad: This consummate professional has been doing her Cher act for so long that even People magazine has mistaken her for the real deal. It could’ve been cliché, but with three costume changes, a flawlessly contoured face, and an arsenal of hilarious quips, Ms. Michaels snatched the top spot in this countdown. She’s Cher, bitch!