The 10 Hottest Men In Alfred Hitchcock’s Movies

"I confess" Hitch had a good eye for hunky leading men.

Alfred Hitchcock was known for casting beautiful women—often blondes—in his thrillers. But Hitch was no slouch when it came to hunky leading men. Below, we salute the 10 hottest dudes in the Hitchcock oeuvre.

Did we pick “the Wrong Man?” Call out your favorites in the comments.

  1. Laurence Olivier, Rebecca


    What could be hotter than a debonair man with mood swings?

    In Rebecca, Olivier traumatizes his new wife (Joan Fontaine) by bringing her into his ghostly old estate and subjecting her to an evil housekeeper (Judith Anderson), who assures her she’ll never live up to the memory of his late first wife.


    Naturally, Olivier has some secrets to hide, and that’s what makes him even hotter. (And, on him, the mustache works.)

  2. Robert Donat, The 39 Steps


    Probably the oldest Hitchcock movie with great replay value—and not just because star Robert Donat is a mustachioed sex machine. It’s a good thriller, and the chemistry between him and old-school Hitch muse Madeleine Carroll is excellent.

    In the film Donat is framed for murder and on the run—a Hitchcock trope that’s given us many a sexy gent.

  3. Gregory Peck, Spellbound


    Yikes, he’s hot, even in the most unintentionally hilarious Hitchcock movie ever.

    Peck plays Ingrid Bergman’s stern psychologist in this old gem, and remains pretty studly even while holding a conversation with Ingrid Bergman as they ski down a mountain. Let’s see you try that.

  4. Sean Connery, Marnie


    Speaking of unintentionally hilarious: Marnie is about a young lawbreaker (Tippi Hedren) who has phobia about the color red.

    Sean Connery plays her boss, who (stay with me on this one) blackmails her into marrying him as way to “cure” her.


    Tippi is endearing as the titular thief, and young Connery is dreamy. (Did we mention he shirtless in big chunks of the film?)

  5. Paul Newman, Torn Curtain


    Paul Newman’s incandescent sexiness transcends this less-than-stellar film. And we’re treated to a couple shirtless shots of him amid all the uninteresting plot.

    Torn Curtain

  6. Louis Jourdan, The Paradine Case

    The Paradine Case

    Monsieur Jourdan costars in this forgettable flick from 1948 that co-stars fellow listmaker Gregory Peck.

    This Frenchman has potentially the sexiest eyes and jaw of any man ever.

    The Paradine Case

  7. Farley Granger, Rope


    Rope sees Hitch exploring his love of homoerotic intrigue, allegedly casting co-stars John Dall and Farley Granger because he knew they were both gay. As Leopold-and-Loeb-type intellects who murder a colleague for sport, the duo has a distinctly heated chemistry.

    Granger is the more nervous of the two, but in his haunted glance, we see libidinous naughtiness.


    He would go on to play a homicidal tennis pro in Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train.

  8. Anthony Perkins, Psycho


    Norman Bates’ trembling mannerisms and sexual perversions keep this closeted actor from appearing higher on the list. It’s a great performance (and a big Oscar snub, no?), but it’s hard to get hot about a guy who’s that into his mother.

  9. Montgomery Clift, I Confess


    There’s been a recent trend in declaring I Confess the underrated masterpiece of Hitchcock’s oeuvre. I don’t know that I agree, but we can all agree that Montgomery Clift in a priest outfit is f-i-n-e.

    His stony visage and trim figure are perfect for those vestments, and he simply has one of the most unforgettable faces in cinema.

  10. Cary Grant, Notorious


    Grant was a rare treat—both a sex symbol and a dandy. Even with his obvious charms and comic genius, he embraced the broadness of his characters and made them all sexy. His performance in Notorious is pitch-perfect.


    He was a legendary hottie, whose talent and charisma we’ve not seen the likes of since: Hitch must’ve been smitten with Grant to some extent, too—the two collaborated on several other films including To Catch a Thief and Suspicion.