The 10 Most Iconic Entrances In “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Her-Story

Viewers meet the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race before the season even starts, but the competitors, that work room entrance is (usually) the first time they get to lay eyes on each other.

We all know a queen is only as good as her last entrance, so grand displays are a must! Below, we count down the best sashays through that big pink archway.

10. Courtney Act


The Season 6 Aussie was the only queen to enter the work room and immediately leave. Good thing she came back, because she made it further here than she did on Australian Idol!

9. Shanelle  9_Shanelle


This Season 1 babe was the queen to ever enter the work room!

8. Sharon Needles 


The Season 4 winner managed a great entrance on her own, but Phi Phi O’Hara’s dismissive laugh made her debut legendary. Joke’s on you, Phi Phi.

7. Vivacious/Ornatia 


Ornatia technically entered the work room several moments before Vivacious in the Season 6 debut—thanks to that faulty zipper.

6. Raja 


Raja entered the work room as a one-eyed purple-people eater—a brilliant metaphor for how the Season 3 winner consumed every competitor in sight.

5. Latrice Royale


Latrice came fresh out the gate with an iconic tag line— “Eat it!!” The large-and-in-charge, chunky-yet-funky diva went on to be crowned Season 4’s Miss Congeniality.

4. Coco Montrese/Alyssa Edwards


Coco and Alyssa mended fences by the end of Season 5, but their scathing entrances truly cut a bitch. These queens usually take an episode to start throwing shade, but these two spilled the tea from the get-go.

3. Alaska  2_Alaska

Alaska brayed into the work room wearing a horse mask, which Ivy Winters later took note of during the Season 5 “Reading Is Fundamental” challenge: “Miss Alaska, I think you should wear a mask for every challenge.”

2. Laganja Estranja 


Season 6’s big bird is the undisputed queen of death drops!

1. Shangela (in a box!)


You could make this list any which way you want, but Shangela’s iconic re-appearance in Season 3 will always land at the top. Too bad Ru wheeled her out of the room when she tried this again on Season 4!

Watch all 10 fabulous entrance scenes below!