The 2009 AfterElton Hot 100: Out Gay Men

Nearly 200. That’s how many different out gay guys received votes in our Out Gay Men poll, (part of
our Hot 100 list). And most of them are names you’d recognize if
you spend much time here on or pretty much anywhere else in the
gay blogosphere. Some of those who didn’t make this list but easily could have,
include film director Q. Allan Brocka, Broadway performer Paolo Szot, TV writer
Bryan Fuller, and recent The Real World
housemate J. D. Ordonez just to name a few.

Going back just ten years, it’s hard to believe there would
have been so many out gay men to choose from. But taking into consideration that five states have
now legalized gay marriage, a handful more have civil unions, along with all of
the other strides we’ve taken forward in the forty years since Stonewall, and it’s
not exactly surprising that gay visibility has risen across the board.

We have numerous out politicians ranging from stalwart
Congressman Barney Frank to newcomer Rep. Jared Polis; out athletes including
retired NBA player John Amaechi, retired NFL player Esera Tuaolo and still competing Olympic gold
medalist Matthew Mitcham; Oscar winning screenplay writers (Dustin Lance
Black), Tony winning actors (David Hyde Pierce) and so many more.

2009 and it’s a great time to be gay!

Now here are the Out Gay Men you named as
the ten hottest. (
Please don’t give away individual rankings in the
subject lines of your comments; to see the
results of the main Hot 100 poll, click here!)

1. Neil Patrick Harris

Face it. This is Neil Patrick Harris’ world. We just live in it. As if it
isn’t enough for Neil to top the overall Hot 100 list, he had to snag the top
spot here as well. If Barney Stinson we’re here, we know exactly what
he’d say: “Aw-w-w-e-some!” 

2. John Barrowman

We’re tempted to say poor Mr. Barrowman is doomed to always be a bridesmaid
and never a bride except he’s already married to architect Scott Gill. It
shouldn’t be that big a surprise that John finished behind Neil on this list as
well as the Hot 100, but personally we blame the BBC. Had Torchwood not had such a long break between seasons – fourteen
months – we’re pretty confident the man who brought us Captain Jack might not
have come in second here. Or on the Hot 100 list itself. 

3. Luke MacFarlane

Hmm, we’re starting to detect a theme here. You folks really like these
three gay men a lot, don’t you? Or perhaps you simply like to show how
cosmopolitan you are by picking a Yank, a Scot and a Canadian again and again.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we also suspect that, as with John
Barrowman and the BBC, Luke might have had a shot at the top spot if ABC’s Brother & Sisters had featured him a
bit more prominently. Things were so promising last fall when his character Scotty Wandell married
Kevin Walker, but ever since then it’s been a case of diminishing returns.

Might we suggest Luke trying bribing the ABC writers to get a bit more
facetime? That just might be what he needs to push him over the top next year.

4. Cheyenne Jackson

This might sound a little outlandish, but here at we think
Cheyenne Jackson might actually be a little underappreciated by gay men. After
all, the Broadway star was out quite a while before such contemporaries as T.R.
Knight, Luke Macfarlane, Lance Bass and others. He also came out without any
speculation or pressure; he simply answered a reporter’s question openly and
honestly, the same way he lives his life.

Several of us here have actually met the man and while we can officially report he is as
every bit as handsome in real life as in his pictures, he’s even nicer than he
is hot. And that’s saying something.

5. Matthew Mitcham

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love this spunky 21-year-old
Australian Olympic diver? And what’s not to love? He came out in the months
leading up to the Beijing Games last August. And in doing so, he became the
only out male athlete at those games. Then, in what can only be described as a
fairy tale ending, he snagged the highest diving score ever given during the
Olympics on his final dive, to snatch the gold medal from the Chinese.

As if that wasn’t enough, he then climbed into the stands to tearfully hug
his partner Lachlan. Frankly, if this happened
in a movie, we’d write it off as unbelievably corny. Instead , it’s
unbelievably amazing, just like Matthew. Which leads us to wonder, why isn’t he
at the top of this list?

6. Robert Gant

7. Chad Allen

8. T.R. Knight

9. Randy Harrison

10. Lance Bass