The 2010 AfterElton Hot 100: Men Over 50

Men over 50 of course are eligible to compete in our annual Hot 100 poll, but
every year we also encourage our readers to think specifically about
hot men over 50, in order to highlight age diversity on our site.

Here’s how that list ranked up:



1. Tim Daly

It’s arguable that Tim Daly, now starring on Private Practice, is better-looking now than he was when he first broke out on Wings,
way back in 1990. So what’s the secret of his enduring (and improving!)
good looks: good living or deal-with-the-devil? Either way, we approve.

2. Viggo Mortensen

Whether he’s playing a mysterious ranger in The Lord of the Rings or a post-apocalyptic father in The Road, no one does scruffy like Viggo Mortensen.
Was the actor this hot when he was younger? It’s hard to know since he
didn’t break through to superstardom until well into his 40s. All we
know, this is one king we’ll bow down before anytime. 

3. Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell first caught our eye in as Dr. Jon Fielding in the Tales of the City TV
mini-series. What does it say that gay and bi men are still holding a
torch for him all these years later? One: that Campbell has taken damn
good care of himself. And two: those were some damn sexy nude scenes in
Tales of the City!

4. Sir Ian McKellen

It’s the rare actor that becomes a box office superstar in his 60s, but that’s exactly what Sir Ian McKellen pulled off, starring in both the X-Men and Lord of the Rings franchises (not to mention a little movie called The Da Vinci Code).
But Ian has always been about so much more than just his celebrity,
which is why he came out publicly way back in 1988 (!), to protest
U.K.’s homophobic Section 28 law.

It’s also why he’s still devoted to social justice, most recently
calling attention to the issue of loneliness among the elderly.
McKellen recently appeared fully naked on stage in King Lear, and all we can say is: we hope we look that good at age 70, but we’re not sure we look that good now!

5. Denzel Washington

Given the trails they’ve both blazed, there have always been plenty of comparisons between Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier.
In the second half of his career, Denzel has become like Poitier in yet
another respect: can the man be any more distinguished? Here at, we’ve met Washington, and let us say on record that, in
person, he’s the single most handsome man we’ve ever seen.

6. Dennis Quaid

7. Scott Bakula

8. Patrick Stewart

9. Pierce Brosnan

10. Harrison Ford