The 5 Greatest Boy Bands You Forgot Existed: The Not-To-Be-Missed List

boy bands

With the Jonas Brothers split up and grumblings from One Direction members about “solo projects” we might be witnessing the twilight of the post-millennial boy-band era. But this is hardly the first time we’ve swooned over post-adolescent males with falsetto voices and embarrassing hairstyles.

Below, the Not-To-Be-Missed Players recount the 5 greatest boy bands you forgot all about.



In 1997, these brothers from Oklahoma had everyone singing “Mmm-bop.” But by 2000 they left Island Def Jam Records to seek more creative freedom.

Color Me Badd


Sure you remember “I Wanna Sex U Up” and “I Adore (Mi Amore),” but do you recall CMB’s groundbreaking appearance on Beverly Hills 90210?

98 Degrees


This Ohio quartet scored a Number One with “Gimme Just One Night (Una Noche)”, but we’ll always remember Nick Lachey as one half of the MTV Show Newlyweds.

Take That


Though they scored numerous Top Ten hits in their native UK, Take That never really broke in America. But we’ll always have them to thank for giving us the cocktease that is Robbie Williams.



Fun fact: Formed on ABC/MTV’s Making the Band in 2000, O-Town was named after the city of Orlando, Florida—even though none of the members were from there. Because nothing says “I’m a bad boy” like Walt Disney World’s hometown.

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