“The Amazing Race” Recap: Naked Edition!

We’re burning through Racers faster than Emily Thorne burns through the Hamptons

For those of you hanging in this season of The Amazing Race hoping for some Chippendale skin, this was your night! Teams traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, where they encountered a Detour, a choice of two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. The star choice tonight was “Scrub It”. Teams went to a Turkish bathhouse where they changed into bathing costumes and selected an attendant for a traditional bath and massage.

Take your pick


Ryan & Abbie


 With Teams 1 through 3 out of the way, that left Team Chippendale to finish washing up…

Team Chippendale

The other choice was Simit. Teams found a local bakery and collected simits, which are Turkish bagels. They had to stack them on trays and balance them on their heads for delivery to three different locations. Shockingly, the Beekman Boys did Simit.

Gays turning down free spa treatments? Unheard of!

Team Monster Truck also did Simit, which depending on your bear appreciation quotient could be either a good thing or a bad thing. For the Roadblock, one member of each team had to dress up in a supercute outfit and sell a beverage called sherbert.

Team Chippendale hit the Pit Stop in 5th place. The Beekmans struggled to overcome a Speed Bump following their last place finish last week and found themselves battling Team Monster Truck at the back of the pack. Josh & Brent hit the mat in 6th place and stayed in the Race. Rob & Kelley finished 7th and were Philiminated.

Revenge is a dish best served fried, like butter

Halfway through the Race and Team Gay remains at full strength! Who do you think will win this season?